We are familiar with the most frequented luxury retail strips globally.

Location Luxury has sound local and international market knowledge and profound advisory skills.

In combination with the necessary flair this gives us the early access to information as to which locations expect changes, so they can be planned for.

Location Luxury is also valued by owners of the respective top retail properties and by investors, as they are advised in the selection of the optimal tenant, which keeps the fluctuation down, providing a good return and an attractive mix of tenants.


Dear Marc-Christian,

We do not know each other personally, but I was following development of your project - eLocations for my brand Billionaire couture.
I am writing you just to express my biggest compliments to the work and revolution that you've done with this new system.
Your idea was genius!

My best regards
Alina Grigoryeva

Billionaire Couture
Billionaire Couture

For our expansion in Europe we collaborated very successfully with the Location Group and Marc-Christian Riebe. He helped us to find the best locations wherever we asked them to work for us.

Fabio Gnocchi Managing Director
Fabio Gnocchi

I worked with Mr. Marc-Christian Riebe and I would like to recommend him as expert in retail location research. He is knowing the marked business very well and especially the Swiss market.

Geraldo Egitto Managing Director
Geraldo Egitto


I too recieved your Retail market Study, thank you. This encyclopedia is without a doubt the Rolls Royce/Bentley of Retail Studies.

Anthony R. Palermo Director Retail Leasing and Commercial Development
Anthony R. Palermo

Herewith I would like to firmly recommend the outstanding organization of Location Group, with whom I have worked with on several project developments. I highly appreciate their quality of services as well as their retail approach to both Landlords and Tenants. I am very satisfied with their professional support and assistance. I am convinced in their companies' dedication and commitment on each partner work we have had.

Luigi Gayo Former CFO EMEA
Luigi Gayo

We highly appreciate the work of Location Group and Marc-Christian Riebe in the past 3 years for Moncler. He helped us to find locations in Europe, America and Japan.

Andrea Tieghi Managing Director
Andrea Tieghi

Dear Mr. Riebe

I have well recieved your study and i thank you for it.

Eric de Seynes Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Eric de Seynes

We decided to start working with the Location Group, because of their excellent knowledge of the luxury retail real estate market.

Jean-Claude Biver Chairman
Jean-Claude Biver

Dear Marc-Christian

I hoped you may be interested in seeing a copy of our new publication Luxury connections.

James Reatchlous CEO
James Reatchlous

Aufgrund der qualifizierten Expertise für Standorte an den besten Innenstadtlagen und das hervorragende Netzwerk der Location Group haben wir uns in der Schweiz für eine enge Zusammenarbeit entschieden, um unsere Expansion zügig vorantreiben zu können.

Christian Lainer Expansion Development
Christian Lainer

Aufgrund der tadellosen Zusammenarbeit mit der Location Group werden wir das erste Falggschiff von Burlington im Zürcher Rennweg gegenüber dem Hotel Widder eröffnen. Wir freuen uns auf eine weiterhin gute Kooperation.

Herbet Kenzelmann Managing Director
Herbet Kenzelmann

I am writing to thank you for letting us the latest Retail Market Study and very grateful for letting such a high quality magazine. This is very helpful to my team. I believe my crew and i will benefit from it...

Johannes Wang Real Estate Director
Johannes Wang

Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Markstudie. Die Überraschung ist Ihnen gelungen und die Studie macht sich sehr gut in unserer Bibliothek, herzlichen Dank dafür.

Monika Egloff Studienhangleiterin MAS Real Estate

Wir bedanken uns bei Ihnen nachträglich für die netten Glückwünsche zum Jahreswechsel.

Zum Schluss bleibt uns Ihnen, sehr geehrter Herr Riebe, für die rasche Abwicklung userer Geschäftsliquidationen ganz herzlich zu danken und Ihnen für die Zukunft alles Gute zu wünschen.

B. Elmiger, A. Winiker Managing Director
B. Elmiger, A. Winiker

Last week i receipted the Retail Market Study 2012, it's a marvelous studio. Thank you very much it will be very useful for us. Please remember that we are very interesten in Swiss market, specially now due our success in the German market.

Roberto Vale Real Estate Manager
Roberto Vale

Dear Mr. Riebe

It looks like a great Study and my team will work with it!
Many thanks and best regards from Zurich Airport!

Thomas E. Kern Chief Executive Officer

Thank you for your letter and enclosure of 8th March. What a fantastic book you have produced. It will certainly become reference for retail worldwide in the future. Looking forward to meeting with you again soon and to the success of the Secret Brokers Society.

Harvey Soning Founder & Chairman
Harvey Soning
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    Munich, Zurich

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