In the year 1912, the Jungfrau railway station of Jungfraujoch was put into operation, the Swiss Civil Code became effective and Milton Friedman, Josef Neckermann and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker were born as well. Furthermore the Chinese empire ended, and the unsinkable RMS Titanic sank!

It was also the founding year of the Jewellery Riebe. This remains as a part in the history of the Location Group, because of the fact that future needs origin and origin needs future. Due to this we use values and tradition in order to adjust ourselves to the digital age with a new dimension that was unimagined one century ago.

1912 - was the year when the business for "Jewels, Gold, Silver Ware and Cutlery" by the Goldsmith Johann Augustin Cyrus Riebe was first mentioned in Elbing, Western Prussia.

1933 - Goldsmith “Leo” Josef Riebe joins into the family business

1935 - was the first time that Leo Riebe went to the jewellery fair in Paris in order to present his collection.

1944 - The family flew via Magdeburg, Berlin and Dresden to Constance.

1952 - Opening of the jewellery boutique “Juwelier Riebe” by Gertrud and Leo Riebe at the Bahnhofstrasse in Constance.

1980 - Founding of City-Immobilien trough Gernot Riebe (senior) in Constance.

1995 - Take-over of City-Immobilien by Gernot Cyrus Riebe (junior) in Constance.

2002 - Letting of the new Lago Shopping Centre on behalf of the owners B+L Büll & Dr. Liedtke in Constance.

2003 - Relocation of the now renamed Riebe Retail Services to Kreuzlingen (2010 closed due to illness).

2005 - Founding of The Location Partners by Marc C. Riebe in Zurich (4th generation)

2006 - Publication of the first Zurich Retail Market Report, followed by the first Swiss Retail Market Study by The Location Partners.

2007 - The Swiss stores of the retail chain Mister Minit Foto were sold to the perfumery chain Marionnaud as well as the stores of the fashion chain Winiker Mode and their flagship property on Rennweg in Zurich were sold through The Location Partners.

2007 - A Portrait of Marc C. Riebe was published in the Swiss Newspaper NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) «Every ground floor on Bahnhofstrasse could be leased three times / A specialist for location matters for the magnet effect of the inner city of Zurich for international stores.»

2007 - In addition a report on the Swiss TV One channel with the broadcast 10vor10, featuring Bahnhofstrasse and Marc C. Riebe, was shown (many other reports followed).

2007/2008 - Gucci was brought to the Andrassy ut. in Budapest and to the Maximilianstrasse in Munich through The Location Partners; furthermore The Location Partners supported Gucci e.g. in Athens and Stockholm.

2008 - The first offices abroad were established in Hanoi, Vietnam and West Hollywood, L.A./USA.

2009Location TV started with episodes in Beijing, Shanghai, Hanoi, Milan, Zurich, St. Moritz, Gstad, Lausanne, Geneva, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, São Paulo and Buenos Aires among other cities.

2010 - Opening of the 10th new boutique at the Rennweg in Zurich within 6 years’ time by The Location Partnersd.

2011 - Positioning of the 200th retail store at a prime location by The Location Partners.

2012  - The 53rd new boutique opened at the Zurich Bahnhofstrasse in the last 10 years with active support of The Location Partners. 

2012 - Publication of the First Worldwide Retail Market Study with around 500 pages, reaching about 20,000 readers; followed by the 1,000-pages Retail Market Study in 2013, covering 145 cities, 500 shopping centres, 750 high streets, 1,000 retailers and 2,000 store openings.

2013 - The Location Partners opened their office at 28 South Molton Street in London and the 5th luxury brand was brought to the Maximilianstrasse in Munich.

2015 - In November 2015 the book Key Money Talks - From Zero to Bahnhofstrasse was published. It is available at Amazon as an eBook or Audio Book. 

2016 - After the franc shock on 15 January 2015, the brokerage business had to be adapted to market conditions and old structures had to be changed, as all investors, sellers and retailers put Swiss expansion on hold for a year or virtually no properties were sold. For this reason, Marc C. Riebe set up the new retail boutique agency The Location Group Ltd.  The company now works with retail brokers around the globe, making it even more powerful and efficient than ever before in international metropolises. 

2017 - Expansion with Confiserie Teuscher into Germany to KaDeWE in Berlin as well as Theatinerstrasse in Munich.

2018 - Development of the Smart Lease Contract to make commercial leases smarter and more efficient. The ICO project with eLocations is put on hold.

2019 - The Location Group supports the association "Hands Off - Stop Child Abuse" and is the first donor. The exclusive mandate at 65 Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes attracted three new tenants, Annah Roxxah, La Perla and Versace.

2020 - After the Corona crisis has fundamentally changed the world and many people work in home offices as well as go less to the shops for shopping, many spaces are too big or the rents too high. For this reason, another business segment was developed, in which the rental contracts are renegotiated for the tenants as well as the landlords.

2021 - The relaunch of eLocations.com will take place in spring.