We are dedicated in helping our clients with properties or retail spaces at prime locations.

When the right partners are matched, it will create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The success of a location is also dependent to the right mixture of retail stores in that area. Location Investment is able to concentrate on the development and maintenance of locations, and by doing so, is familiar with the general conditions present and the key players in the market.

Advice when buying and selling

We offer consulting services to owners of retail properties.

We analyse the location as well as the surroundings to develop a sales strategy.

A proposal will be constructed and pitched to potential buyers. We are able to help you executing the project, all the way from the contract and sale negotiations, till the closing appointment with the notary.

We also offer consultation to parties interested in making a purchase of a property. We are committed to provide support and guidance right from the beginning till the end of the transaction.

Property Analysis

Is your property generating a return of investment for you?

We evaluate your retail property by determining the profitability potential and thus the value of your property In addition to the value assessment, we also look into the rental income of your property.

This often brings up the question of whether the current market price of the property is being optimized to its current level of capitalized earnings value. Based on the results of our evaluation, we will be able to tell you whether your retail property is generating a profit that is in accordance to its market value.

Restructuring concepts have, in the past, often revealed how restructuring can help to increase profits generated by the properties considerably.


Sehr geehrter Herr Riebe,

für Ihr freundliches Schreiben vom 28. März 2012 und die Zusendung Ihrer aktuellen Retail-Marktstudie 2012 möchte ich mich herzlich bei Ihnen bedanken...

Mit nochmaligem Dank verbleibe ich

Dr. Henning Kreke Vorsitzender des Vorstandes

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  • Axa Winterthur 2008 | Location Valuation

    Retail Property Portfolio

  • Baloise Group 2010 | Property Valuation


  • Coop 2007 | Location Advisory

    Shopping Center
    Swiss Romandie

  • Corner 2009 | Bank Office


  • Credit Suisse 2010 | Location Development

    Retail Property

  • Dutch Private Individual 2014 | Sale of 2 Retail Properties

    Löwenstrasse Zürich

  • Esimag-Immobilien AG 2008 | Location Advisory

    Retail Property Zurich

  • Familie Iten-Carr 2008 | Location Advisory

    Retail Property
    St. Gallen

  • ICN 2010 | Location Advisory, Retail Propertes


  • Kieser Training 2009 | Location Valuation


  • K Kiosk 2009 | Sale Store Chain

    Swiss Romandie

  • Lienhardt & Partner 2010 | Location Advisory

    Retail Property Zurich

  • Madame 2008 | Sale of Property


  • Max Ditting AG 2010 | Location Advisory

    Retail Property

  • Migros 2010 | Tenant Mix Study

    Retail Property

  • Swiss Private Individual 2014 | Sale of a Retail Property

    Rennweg Zürich

  • The G Vision Hairstylist 2010 | Sale of Building


  • Unibail-rodamco 2011 | Consulting


  • Wegelin & Co. 2009 | Building Acquisition